Aim Variable Pressure Clutch- Engines up to 103" (1,690cc) 1998 and later Big Twin Models

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Variable Pressure Clutch

1998 and later Big Twin Models
Engine size up to 103" (1,690cc) Stroker motor with carburetor, exhaust, ignition and cam upgrades. 20% reduction in spring pressure from stock. This set up will gain more pressure at a faster rate.

  • Not just a lock up clutch.
  • Easy clutch operation (at normal operating RPM), up to about 50% lighter pull than stock at idle. (Clutch pull does increase as RPM goes up: at higher RPM - about 4000 RPM and up - clutch operation will be slightly heavier than stock.)
  • Not only lighter, but stronger clutch engagement than stock as RPM increases.
  • Better clutch disengagement and feel than stock. Easier to find neutral. (No reduction of pushrod stroke)
  • Billet aluminum and steel, 2-piece design.
  • Can be used with pre-installed easy clutch system.
  • Improves clutch disengagement.
  • Fits behind your stock derby cover except 2003 anniversary models. After market & 03 anniversary models will require a spacer.
  • Compatible with H-D hydraulic clutch.
  • Approximately a 10 minute installation on 1998 and later Big Twin Models.