Chopper Valve

The Pingel Chopper Valve has been designed for use on motorcycles that have custom fuel tanks that are raised high in the front. This style of fuel tank usually does not allow proper fuel pick up when using a standard reserve fuel valve. The new Chopper Valve allows the builder to keep the bottom of the tank clean from fuel lines. The custom builder now has universal options for mounting the fuel valve by utilizing the mounting holes on the back of the valve. This petcock has smooth clean lines featuring a compact design measuring 1-1/2" high x 2" long x 1-3/8" deep. There is an easy to operate position selector knob with a ball detent for positive ON-OFF-RESERVE locating. All hose barbs are 5/16". The Chopper Valve will require two hoses to be routed from the fuel tank - one for the ON position and one for the RESERVE position. The Chopper Valve is designed for exceptional fuel flow to feed the thirstiest of big inch engines. CNC machined from a solid piece of billet brass and finished with lustrous show quality chrome.
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