Removable E Track Chocks & Accessories

Pingel's Series E Track Wheel Chock system allows you to locate your motorcycle anywhere along the track for the best position. With this system, multiple motorcycles can be quickly and easily hauled in your trailer with optimum space utilization. The wheel chocks can be easily adjusted for long choppers, street bikes and trikes. With Series E Track already in place, there is no further hardware to install. The installation of the Series E Track Wheel Chock is easy: two clips and the pull of a strap and your chock is secured. Installs securely in both recessed and floor mounted Series E Tracks. Pingel's E Track Series Wheel Chocks feature a steel tube construction with a chrome finish, durable aluminum mounting plate, and quality fasteners. Pingel also offers 5' and 10' sections of Series E Track and clip in tie-down fitting kits for a complete installation. Patented #6,863,481
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