Dyna Pro Series Crank Trigger for H-D

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The Dynatek Pro Series Crank Trigger is a newly designed crankshaft pickup for use with the Dyna 4000 Pro Ignition System. It consists of a blue anodized aluminum base plate with two injection molded pickup assemblies. Although the Dyna S Ignition has traditionally been used as a pickup for the Dyna 4000, Dyna is always striving to improve performance of their products.

This unit offers improved noise margin by providing a stronger pickup signal with more distinct high and low voltage levels for improved triggering of the 4000 in harsh environments. The Pro Series Crank Trigger is electrically isolated from the engine case (unlike it's predecessor, the Dyna S), giving total immunity to electronic problems associated with inadequate engine grounding. The Pro Series Crank Trigger is a direct plug in for the Dyna 4000 ignition, pre-wired so you just plug it in! The module is ½” tall (Dyna S is ¾" tall) allowing it to fit under Suzuki GSXR ignition covers without modification. The unit also has a lighter weight, lower cost, and it uses standard Dyna 4000 magnet rotors.