NV™ Nitro Valves

For 27 years, Pingel Enterprise, Inc. has designed and manufactured the highest quality gas valves available for street and race applications. However, in an age built for speed, the next product innovation became quite obvious...the NV™ Nitro Valve! This new valve was designed specifically for nitromethane systems and flows at an incredible 9 gallons per minute.

Pingel Enterprise, in cooperation with S&S Cycle, utilizing two dynamic research, development and design teams, has created perhaps the ultimate fuel valve the NV™ Nitro Valve. Built tough from aircraft aluminum then hard-coat anodized, the NV™ includes many outstanding features such as spring- loaded detents for positive on/off positioning and stainless steel components. And the options seem endless, they include: -10AN and -12AN inlets and outlets, 1" NPT inlet, 1" hose inlets and outlets and H-D metric & nut inlet for stock late model Harley-Davidson fuel tanks. This valve may also be used for gasoline and methanol.

To order the Remote Control NV™ Nitro Valve, add "R" at the end of the part number.

Compatible with all fuels: Gasoline, Methanol, Nitromethane

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1 1" NPT 1" Hose Outlet
1" Hose Inlet 3   -10AN Male Thread
3   -10AN Male Thread 4   -12AN Male Thread
-12AN Male Thread
22mm H-D Metric & Nut

NOTE: When ordering, include "NV" as prefix to all Nitro product codes.