EK The Ultimate Street Performance Chain 530ZVX2 X 150 Pins, Silver

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EK 530ZZZ - The Ultimate Street Performance ChainThe ZZZ features a revolutionary new sideplate profile that more effectively distributes the load on the sideplate. The result is incredible tensile strength without increased weight. Using the latest computer modeling tools, EK engineers analyzed in detail the shape of conventional chain sideplates. Using this data, they developed a revolutionary new shape that more effectively distributes the loads on the sideplate. The result is a major increase in the ZZZ’s tensile strength without added weight. Lightening holes in the center of the inner and outer sideplates reduce the ZZZ’s overall weight by the equivalent of at least one chain link, without compromising tensile strength. These holes also help extend the ZZZ’s service life by dissipating heat and helping evacuate mud and dirt.