Super Air Kit 7/8" handlebar control - no bottle

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The Pingel Super Air Shifter Kit uses 1/4" air line with a small shift cylinder and switching valve assembly for use on import motorcycles, the H-D V-Rod and other two coil engines. This kit is available with or without the DOT approved air bottle. Not for use on motorcycles equipped with four coils and not recommended for use on other Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

700 Super Air Kit includes:

  • 7/8" Handlebar control - Polished, Made from 6061 billet aluminum
    • 0-160psi air gauge
    • Air filler valve
    • Thumb button valve
    • Hose barbs
  • Super Shift Cylinder
    • Diameter - 1"
    • Throw - 2" (1" each direction from center position)

  • Super Switching Valve
  • Super Air Activated Engine Kill
  • Hose & Fittings Optional components